A Letter to the Readers

Karnak Temple and I

To the readers,

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology from George Mason University. Although I have yet to find a use for my degree I do believe that it has done a lot for me as a person. It has taught me to ask questions and look for the answers.

It was a friend, a biology major, who told me that it was “the experience” that mattered. I don’t know why, but the phrase stuck with me. It is funny how a phrase can change one’s perspective in life. Needless to say, it was this phrase that inspired me to look for experiences and open myself to “explore” the world.

I started off snowboarding. I remember looking anxiously at my new Nitro Subzero snowboard waiting for my first ride down the mountain. My friend, Jeremy, and I snowboarded every weekend when we finally decided to go down Big Sky, Montana. The experience was thrilling.

It is hard to describe, but I have gotten the travel bug since then. I have travelled to Turkey, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It was during these trips that I started to write a journal and record my experiences. In addition, I hope to share my experiences and, hopefully, inspire a few people on the value of exploring and experiencing.

I hope my writing conveys my experience truthfully and accurately. My goal is to share my experiences on these travels and my thoughts. I am aware that we all, as humans, have biases and prejudice. I hope to look past those biases, however, if they are present I hope the readers can forgive me.

Additionally, writing is a new hobby for me. I hope some of the critical readers can forgive some of my technical mistakes and also let me know so I can improve on them the next time I write.

If you have any questions or concerns I am happy to hear about them.

Thanks and enjoy!

Zemar Ahadzada